Apple Watch detects hard fall and alerts father, helps save another life

Brandon Schenider who hails from Long Island, USA, was able to discover his skull fracture thanks to the notification sent by Apple Watch’s fall detection feature.


  • Scheider fell unconscious on the floor of the restroom in a hospital.
  • The Apple Watch sent the distress call to both 911 and his emergency contacts after he failed to respond to the device’s notification.
  • The fall detection feature is available in all Apple Watches 4 and above.

Aman from Long Island, United States has credited his Apple Watch with saving his life after a serious fall. According to a report last month, 25-year-old Brandon Schneider had to go to the hospital after suffering from severe abdominal pain for days.

Accompanied by his Apple Watch, Schenider went to the restroom in the hospital and after a few minutes in the bathroom, he lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Luckily, the Apple Watch’s fall detection feature quickly analysed the situation and Schneider’s Apple Watch sent the distress call to both 911 and his emergency contacts after he failed to respond to the device’s notification.

“I remember washing my hands and thinking for myself. Something is going to happen,” Schneider said, “I don’t remember falling to the ground, hitting my head, or anything from the events that followed.”

A CT scan revealed that Schneider had a skull fracture and multiple hematomas. The bleeding was worsening and immediately required emergency brain surgery. The 25-year-old underwent brain surgery and woke up four days later.

Had his Apple Watch not detected the hard fall and sent the notification, Schneider would’ve never survived his injuries. “My Apple Watch detected a sharp drop and I did not respond to the similar haptic message that requires a response and 45 seconds,” said Schneider.

Apple may not have specifically designed its watches to save lives, but the device is surely doing a great job so far. It’s making a case for the potential of wearable technology to monitor the health of their owners

The Apple Watch’s fall detection feature was first introduced with the Apple Watch Series 4 in 2018 and it detects if the user had a heavy fall. If the person does not respond within 45 seconds, the watch sends a message to a favourite contact and calls emergency services.

There have been other instances of Apple Watch saving people’s lives, last year, a teenager was spared from possible heart failure when his Apple Watch detected that his heart rate was unusually high.

Upon reaching the hospital, it was found that the young man had a rare heart condition called Supraventricular Tachycardia. It is characterized by a rapid heartbeat that wears out the heart over time.

Apple introduced its latest Apple Watch 6 and more affordable Apple Watch SE in 2020 and is expected to launch its successor later this year.

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