Apple may finally fix the green flare issue on iPhone photos with iOS 15

With the rollout of iOS 15 beginning next month, Apple will introduce a new feature that will remove the lens flare from photos of well-lit objects and surroundings. The feature, however, seems to have certain limitations.


  • iOS 15 beta 4 carries a solution to the lens flare in iPhone cameras.
  • It reportedly post-processes the photos to remove the green flare from the images.
  • The feature does not work for videos as of now.

Apple is looking to solve a big issue with the cameras on iPhones. Many iPhone users have complained of green flares showing up in some photos taken in well-lit surroundings or focused on lit objects. The new iOS 15 might have a fix for this.

Photos taken under sunlight, streetlights, around neon signs or windows emanating light have long suffered from lens flares when clicked through an iPhone. The issue has been discussed repeatedly in online Apple forums, but there has been no solution to this, at least up until now.

The iOS 15 beta 4 apparently carries Apple’s first attempt at addressing the problem. The new iOS version reportedly includes a method to process such pictures in a way that eliminates the green flares and dots from them.

Interestingly, the removal of the lens flare happens on the device after the image is taken. This means the iPhones running the new iOS 15 beta version can post-process the images. The flare still shows up while taking the image.

The on-device flare removal seems to be a decent attempt by Apple to address the issue. However, it has not been seen working on all iPhone models as of now. Based on the shared experiences of Reddit users, as spotted by 9to5Mac, the iPhone XS, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 can remove lens flares through post-processing. However, older iPhone models have not received any such capability as of now.

An assumption arises that the feature is currently supported only by the iPhones running on Apple’s A12 Bionic chipset. This includes iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and later iPhone models.

Those on the new iOS 15 beta version and experiencing the feature in action have even revealed some of its limitations. For one, the green flares still appear on photos, including trees or screens or bathroom lights.

Also, the feature seems to be limited for now and does no good to videos shot in such conditions. iPhone videos, hence, still suffer from flares, at least for the time to come.

Apple is expected to roll out the iOS 15 next month, and it is likely that the anti-flare feature will make its way to iPhones. Even if not a guaranteed solution, Apple’s new attempt is sure to help iPhone gain a better photography experience through their devices.

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